Thinventions is a full-service engineering company for the development of electronic products and the Internet of Things.

We handle all aspects of the design, development and manufacturing of your product, from the first quick prototype to the final product in mass production and after-sale service and maintenance, for

  • mass-produced international consumer devices,
  • small-run specialized industrial products,
  • custom single unit or small batch designs, e.g. for media installations or marketing events.

We provide

  • electronics development
  • firmware development
  • companion internet services and mobile apps
  • industrial design
  • mechanical construction
  • preparation for mass production (Design for Manufacturability)
  • product certification (e.g. FCC/CE)

Our approach to hardware development is based on agile principles. We create prototypes for your idea very early in the development process to quickly verify a design and gather user experience. That way our customers are enabled to verify product concepts in less time while minimizing development spendings. This approach perfectly matches the needs of IoT startups, where a flexible design process and a quick time to market are the main goals.

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