We have a core team of 3 engineers. Depending on the project we're joining forces with specialists from our network of freelance specialists. That way we're able to create solutions for all aspects of our clients products. 

Axel Theilmann

Axel is a senior systems and software engineer. Based on a degree in computer science with a focus on IT security, he has over 15 years of experience in creating, operating and maintaining software for embedded systems, appliances and microcontrollers. He has extensive knowledge about embedded networking and security.

His current focus is on using Linux and Android for Intelligent Devices and the Internet of Things.


Rick Pannen

Rick is a senior systems architect who knows a lot about programming, design, electronics and manufacturing.

He helps our clients clients to get from an idea to a product and is the one to talk to if you need a prototype of your crazy idea within the next 72 hours.

Alexander Tuxen

Alexander is a the latest addition to our team. He's proficient in electronics layout, C programming and everything related to microcontrollers and sensors.

In his spare time he's designing controller boards for FPV drones.


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